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Resolution Comparison

Image Resolution Comparison: FLIR i-Series Infrared Cameras

Which FLIR i-Series Camera is Right for You?

Maybe you’ re simply looking to replace your old IR thermometer with a serious thermal imaging tool that can show you so much more and collect reliable temperature data. Or perhaps you need a thermal camera that meets RESNET resolution standards and gives you a wider view for scanning larger areas in finer detail. Whatever your inspections call for, FLIR i-Series offers a very practical solution.


60 × 60 ( 3, 600 Pixels)

12.5° × 12.5° FOV

FLIR i5 ( Wider Field of View)

100 × 100 ( 10, 000 Pixels)

21° × 21° FOV

FLIR i7 ( Widest Field of View)

140 × 140 ( 19, 600 Pixels)

29° × 29° FOV

Features :

Features of FLIR i-Series Point-and-Shoot Infrared Cameras

Expanded Thermal Imaging Performance. Ruggedness You Can Trust.

Three Best-in-Class Imagers:

FLIR i3 - 3600 pixels

Ground-breaking affordability!

FLIR i5 - 10, 000 pixels

Fast and accurate.

FLIR i7 - 19, 600 pixels

Exceeds RESNET resolution standards.

More powerful than ever, FLIR' s upgraded i-Series improves your infrared camera options with a new line of strong choices to better fit the level of detail your work requires. Featuring the new FLIR i7, now with 36% higher thermal resolution than before and a wider 29° field of view to help you image more clearly and scan more quickly.

All FLIR i-Series infrared cameras help you catch problems immediately, diagnose them correctly, and work far more efficiently. Use the FLIR i3, i5, and i7 to perform energy audits, find moisture damage, spot mechanical wear, check for electrical overloading, justify repairs, and minimize downtime.

Here' s what else FLIR i-Series gives you:

The Entire Scene in Every Shot – Thousands of temperature measurements captured and stored in each thermal image show you the complete picture instantly – something a spot temp gun just can’ t do.

Excellent Screen Size & Quality – The high-resolution 2.8” color LCD provides the clarity to help you find potential problems fast – another thing an IR thermometer doesn’ t offer.

Data You Can Count On – FLIR’ s outstanding thermal accuracy ( + / - 2% or 2° C) and broad measurement range ( -20° C to 250° C) produce excellent, reliable results.

Easy-to-use, Rugged Design – Light and compact with a focus-free lens for one-handed operation yet tough enough to stow with the rest of your tools and take a 2 meter drop.

A New Range of Resolutions – Choose the entry level FLIR i3 with 3, 600 pixels per image, the FLIR i5 now with 10, 000, or the new FLIR i7 that exceeds RESNET resolution standards.

Fully Radiometric Images – Store up to 5, 000 JPEG image files with all your temperature measurements right onto the camera’ s SD card for future analysis, downloads and reports.

FLIR Tools & More – Every FLIR i-Series camera includes free PC software for creating customized reports, plenty of memory, and a hard carrying case.

Unmatched Warranty – FLIR’ s exclusive Double Diamond protection covers the whole camera for 2 years, the battery for 5, and the detector for 10 full years.

The Most Affordable Thermal Imaging – One thing that’ s stayed the same is price; starting at under $ 1, 200 for the i3, FLIR i-Series cameras are the best value out there.

Specifications :


Resolution : 60 x 60 pixels

Total Pixels : 3, 600

Thermal Sensitivity : 5, 000)


Battery Type / Op Time : Li-Ion / > 5 hrs

Charging System : In-Camera Charger with AC Adapter; 3 hrs to 90% capacity

Dimensions / Weight : 8.8 " x 3.1 " x 3.3 " ( 223 x 79 x 85 mm) / 12.8 oz ( 365 g)

Drop : 2 m ( 6.6 ft)

Shock : 25 g, IEC 60068-2-29

Vibration : 2 g, IEC 60068-2-6

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