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Fetal Monitor EDAN Instruments

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02 Mei 2023
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With its elegant design, foldable screen, and enhanced functionality, F2 fetal monitor would address the needs of obstetrical departments in both clinics and hospitals. F2 is amazingly lightweight and portable, which makes it suitable for outpatient service. With the latest technologies from EDAN, F2 offers an extensive set of monitoring parameters such as FHR, TOCO, DECG, IUP, and fetal movement.

Convenient to Carry or Transport

Compact, portable, and lightweight

Long-life Lithium-Ion battery for outpatient service

Easy to Read & Operate

5.6" foldable screen

Large numeric and waveform display

Simple workflow with silicone buttons for operations

Advanced FHR Detection Technology

Signals Overlap Verification to differentiate twins FHR

FHR signal quality indicator helps optimize the probe position

Flexible Printing Options

Built-in thermal printer

Print on 150/ 152 mm width recording paper

1/ 2/ 3 cm/ min real-time printing speed

15 mm/ sec fast printing speed for history traces

Powerful Data Management

12 hours built-in memory for seamless monitoring

MFM-CNS network for remote monitoring

Insight software for data management on PC

USB port to enlarge storage capacity

Multi-display Modes

Switching among three display modes, user may choose the most suitable one for clinical use.

Single Workflow

1 Knob Operation,

Using the knob only, you may carry out every configuration to customize the machine according to clinical needs.

1 Button Operation,

Start button could be configured to integrate patient info and printing. This could help the doctor to simplify the workflow and work with 1 button only.

1 MHz waterproof FHR Probe

The use of 1MHz probe enlarges the penetration and deepens the range of detection, which is significant and positive in fetal monitoring, especially for big pregnant women. Furthermore, it is also proved that the lower the detection frequency of the probe, the better protection to the tissues of fetus.

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